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About Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Lisa - middle name is CLARE  ( yes it IS a family name... literally!).  So, I decided Captured by Clare sounds better than Captured by Lisa and its also nod to my Oma.

I am from New York, now residing in New Jersey with my husband, 2 teenage bonus daughters and 2 dogs!  Photography has always been my passion. I've been shooting as a hobby since I was a teenager.  I started this business in 2015 officially, but I had been photographing anything and everything long before then. Sad to say,  this is not my full time job.   I actually work in the Maritime Industry for over 20 years- a job I wandered into by accident and never left. My FT job is demanding, so I do photography on the side.  I can guarantee you that when I am shooting, that is all I am doing.

Now, here's a secret: I do not have a BA degree in Media, Arts, Journalism.... none of that.  What I do have is an extensive -self taught - knowledge of photography.  I've taken seminars, online courses and even assisted on other photographers sessions, weddings, events.  I've covered everything from Fundraisers to concerts to Family holiday photos. Heck - I even photographed a zoo! So, I don't limit myself to one category because, well, that gets boring for me.       

I love a good photo, you know the ones that make you laugh, or re-tell a story for the umpteenth time?  Yea, those.  The ones that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. That is what I want to give my clients. Its my goal.     

                                    ....I'd love to capture those moments for you - so Let's Chat!

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